Seattle-based entrepreneur Danni Lin, founder and CEO of Great Wine Inc., is Partner with eCode.me LLC and myVinotype China LLC.  She brings to the partnership not only a strong business and financial background and professional knowledge of wines, but also extensive international experience and connections and advanced technological and analytical expertise.

Born in China, Danni was among the top 10 of outstanding students in her province.  Next, she studied abroad in Canada, becoming the first Valedictorian International student in her high school and graduating with the Most Outstanding International Student award.  Upon moving to the U.S., she attended the University of Washington (Seattle, WA), where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and Mathematics and her Master of Science degree in Computational Finance and Risk Management. She also holds the Leadership Certificate from the Graduate School of Business at the Stanford University. 

After graduation, Danni worked first for a publicly listed financial company and then joined Microsoft.  With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, she was soon ready to take her biggest step.  Seeing enormous potential in China's wine market, she leveraged an international network of contacts and resources to establish Great Wine Inc. in Seattle, producing the PERCIPIO brand of wines, made in the U.S. and sold in the U.S. and China.  Academically in the field of wine and spirits, Danni has passed WSET Levels 2 and 3 and is currently pursuing Level 4.  She also holds certificates in both the American Wine Expert Study program and the Business of Wine Study program. Danni was honored as 30 under 30 in Greater Seattle Area. Tim Hanni MW (the first Master of Wine in the US) and Danni worked together to publish the book “爱你所爱” in China.